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Das Wetter ist ideal mit über 30°C, der Mähdrescher erntet den Roggen.

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Kommentar von Johnny am 20.02.2013 15:12:00

Thanks, Randy, for the "heads up." This environmental issue is of grave conrecn and difficult to convey to area folks who support preserving jobs over preserving the environment until the contaminants rise up and choke or "kill" pertains to the air quality situation in Carthage.I hope that the sarcasm I detected in the last paragraph is evident to your readers. You did mean, "After all, if Moark had paid for it, then Ball came back [would have come back] and wrote [written] a glowing puff piece about the facility, that would certainly call his reporting into question, wouldn't it?" It is rather coincidental that Buzz and the mayor touted the same glowing description of the Roggen operation, only the mayor admitted that he didn't have firsthand information. Readers should have seen the photos of Roggen posted at last night's meeting at the Neosho Auditorium that were taken by Lee Van Otterloo after a recent visit. They would without question confirm your sarcasm.