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Kalb geboren


Kalb geboren
Die Kuh Wade hat heute Nacht ihr 3.Kalb geboren. Es ist ein Stierkalb, und wir sind froh, dass alles gut verlaufen ist.

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Kommentar von Priti am 08.08.2013 10:35:57

Awesome. One of the best books on sports I've read in years. Kalb and Weinstein take you tgourhh some of the biggest moments in sports that you've always wondered about and manage to introduce you to some conspiracy scenarios that you never knew about before. The writing style is fun, yet authoritative and leaves you thinking, Wow, could that really have happened that way? The chapters on the Patriots and UNLV/Duke are particularly outstanding. I highly recommend this to both conspiracy nuts and sports nuts alike. It's also a great read for lovers of truth and non-fiction.


Kommentar von Josh am 09.04.2009 00:13:12

Extraordinarity: ,


Kommentar von Josh am 05.07.2008 23:49:08

Welcome friends! ,


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